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    Getting Koi used to new foods

    Hi all.

    My pond has been up and running for about 9 months now and I've been feeding with Hikari Staple.

    I see a lot of people supplementing with fruits and vegetables. How do you get the koi to recognise this as food? my koi ignore it or are simply scared of it.

    I put blueberries in. They all end up in the filter. Half and orange or a cabbage, my koi all go to the bottom in the opposite corner in a sulk.

    I've left the cabbage in for a couple of days for them to get used to it but it remains untouched.

    How and when do they realise they can eat it?

    Also when do I need to think about tapering off the feeding? my first time with a pond going into colder temps.

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    i think part of it is getting the fish to feed confidently in the first place,
    do you do all the feeding, or is thier food 'god' an auto feeder?

    standing at the pond slowly feeding them, and getting them to feed from your hand helps.
    it also helps if you hase a greedy/friendly fish like a chag, and also the more fish you have the more confidence they gain from each other in a shoal.

    mine wll eat most foods if left in there long enough... oranges, grapefruit(not thier favorite), melon, lettuce, brown bread, ect...
    i tie fruit and veg to a length of paracord tied to the pergola, so it doesn't just sail straight into the skimmer...

    but they love mussels, and it's what i used to get them hand feeding

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    Totally agree you need to get the fish to associate you or people moving around the pond area with the chance of a treat or food. The fish will need you to spend a lot of time patiently feeding one or two pellets until they get the message. Probably not the best time of the year to start this, in spring and summer I used to stand there until they came up to feed. This could be anywhere up to an hour. Don't stand over the fish to start with, give them space to get confident. My fish have been in the pond for four years and hand feed as soon as they see me and will even come up if I lift the covers in the deepest winter temps even though they don't get anything. They get used to you giving them food so they will investigate anything you give them as food. My fish will even come over when I'm doing any cleaning, if I use a net they still come over so they don't associate a net with danger

    Have you got a Chagoi they are like a pet dog always looking for food


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    as kev and dave say time and patience mine follow me up the side of the pond as i go to the fish house to check everthing is running ok.
    i then sit on my bench and hand feed. we have new neighbours with a nine year old boy who peers over the fence he comes round with his mums perrmisson and kneels down and can almost pour food down there throats.
    as for cutting back on feeding im in west yorks and have already cut back and wheatgerm only once thermometer reads 10 degrees thats it till next year. one inch of ice over the pond begging of the year



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