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    unwanted fish -Advice please

    Hello All

    Ive recently bought a house and it has a small pond in the garden with about 6 fish which i think may be koi.? I know nothing about fish and feel guilty as i think that the pond looks too small for them. Might be best for us to pass them onto someone who has more space and experience...I dont know what the fish are and if worth selling them / pond equipment? Didnt want to sell on ebay as want someone who knows what they are doing and will look after them properly but could also do with some income for work on house. We are in leicestershire near loughborough.

    Any help appreciated.


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    Best thing to do is post some photos then people can advise.

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    Beetrootbee, if the koi had any £ value in them surely the owners would have sold them rather than leaving them behind for free? Being fish people they had all the contacts and knew the £.

    I say this as someone who is in the same boat (or pond) as you. And lives far enough away that I wont be shooting myself in the foot by suggesting you stand a better chance of getting fish rehomed if you dont ask someone to pay you for doing it 😉😀



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