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    Air Source Heat Pump for house & Koi Pool

    Hi All ,
    Our house heating system boiler is coming to the end of its life, today mid position valve started to leak and burnt out the valves board as well as tripping out its MCB.

    So looking at hybrid heating systems & wondering if it's possible to have the ASHP for the house to also heat my koi pool save buying two.

    Has anyone done this.


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    ASHP for the pond... 100%

    ASHP for the house...
    if you have underfloor heating throughout, like it being 20c+ 24/7, and can site it 100 yards away from the house... 100%
    if you don't..... 100% noooooo......

    like any heating system is should be possible with zone valves and a heat exchanger,
    in fact it is more suited to the pond than it is the house as the temperature remains constant...

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    ASHP are generally less efficient than their ground source cousins. They will struggle to heat the central heating hot water to the same temperature as a normal boiler, so are normally set to run at a cooler operating temp. Hence, most Ground source heat pump installations will use underfloor heating to account for the lower operating temperature, a bigger surface area to get the same amount of heat. Other option is to double or triple the size of your rads which is unpalatable for most.
    Having a low heat requirement by being super insulated is a very good place to start. A drafty old house like mine is a non starter. ASHP are at there worst in the depths of winter when the COP can drop towards 1. They are at there best in summer when the heating is generally not needed. Manufactures will always quote numbers that look good.
    A pond can be run of any house central heating, it's simply another heating zone with its own controls valves etc.
    Bottom line think v carefully about a ASHP for your house. Run the numbers, if you rush into buying one,you may find you have to add a regular boiler in a year's time.

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