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    Dirty filter media despite having a drum solved

    Looked at my Japp matt in 2 bays the other day and it was filthy even though I have a drum.

    After cleaning the media to get all the muck out I noticed on the cleaning shelf of my Draco drum a big ball of muck about the size of 2 cricket balls so I scopped it out and put it in bits down the waste to go to the macerator . The noise that then made !.

    I reckon this muck had built up over several washes and by then wasnt moving down the waste chute but with every wash was diluting into a sort of dirty water fine waste which got through into the matt.

    Just thought I'd post this as the matting looked clean from the top ( and I had done my bucket wash over it only a week prior ) but if it wasnt for the fish flashing that got my investigations going.
    Long term I couldve had all sorts of bacterial problems etc


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    Ive found it collects on the back part of the drum and finally falls in to the chute when its heavy enough, i give mine a quick blast with the hose every now and then. my water has quite a few fines in at the moment but i think its the bottom drain air mixing everything up

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    Hmmmmm my Drako is new to me last.year so will have a look at mine tomorrow too to see if I have a build up at all Dirty filter media despite having a drum solved

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