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Thread: Advice please

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    Advice please


    I am having to get rid of our pond and want to try and sell and rehouse our 9 Koi Carp.

    We've had conflicting messages from different people, some saying they're not worth anything and I'd be lucky to get £100 for all of them. Others have said that we could get upwards of £1k for them.

    I'm not really sure what to believe as I don't know much about Koi Carp but don't want to be taken for a ride.

    I have a video of them but not sure how to upload to this thread so you can see what they look like.

    Let's see if this link works:


    Any thoughts?


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    I see posts like this fairly regular and they tend to be started by someone who has inherited a pond they donít want.

    Without bowling each koi to photograph itís hard to really comment on the quality but looking at the video I would personally say they are low grade garden centre koi. You would be better to offer them free to a good home if you donít want them.

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    Put them on gumtree with some better photos of the fish. Put there open to offers and see what you get offered.

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    IMHO whoever told you £1k knows absolutely nothing about koi. As already said you need to bowl and do individual photos but from the vid I'd say pond fillers at best unfortunately.

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