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Thread: Bluelab monitor

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    Bluelab monitor

    I have a bluelab monitor in the pond was thinking of moving this into the bio chamber Would this be O.K
    will it cause any problems

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    It depends whether your media is very vigorous, one of the probes looks fairly fragile on my bluelab so I’m not sure whether it would be prone to getting damaged. If your media is only gently rolling it could be ok though.
    other issues to consider are:
    - level- is your bio chamber always at a similar level?
    - the aeration could change the pH slightly compared to pond water. Not at all important if you’re looking mainly at trends, but if you want to know what pH the fish are experiencing then the bio chamber won’t be an exactly true representation.
    - temperature- is your bio chamber in a filter house that’s warmer than the pond itself? Does it get warm in there in summer? If so you might not get a reading identical to the pond itself.

    I keep my bluelab probes inside my gravity feed skimmer so it’s out of sight in the pond but gives a good representation of the pond water values.

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