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    Medius drum filter

    Hi all hope you are all well and enjoying the bank holiday weekend ,stupid question time... I have recently fitted a drum filter and wanted to so some work on one of the pumps(slight leak) ,I isolated 4"botom drain switched off pumps but then noticed the water rising in drum filter and water started to come over the weir chute to waste, is this normal? Filter has been set up correctly as per draco instructions, just concerned that in the event of pump failure my pond could be emptied without me knowing



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    When the pumps are switched off there will always be a rise in the water level in the filter, if the bottom drain was isolated by a valve it sounds as though some water is getting through (slide valves particularly are liable in this respect) but it will stabilise when the water is at the same level in pond and filter.

    In a gravity fed system the pond cant be emptied below the bottom entry on the filter.

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    Do you have isolator between the pump and the pond return? maybe water come back into the filter if it all below water level.



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