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    Remembrance of Freddyboy

    How many "Supreme Champions" ?

    could we retire the title for the One Fred ? Just been looking at Freds profile

    soz Frim and others with that Title we can get another title for you as people pass the mark ?

    Just a thought . MEDIATORS

    1000 gal
    2 x Hozelock 6000ltr 9W UV
    Allpond Spin Filter 8000 11W UV
    Blagdon pond oxy 640 ltr/hr

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    Maybe make one that is specific to Fred that no one else can achieve as if it's done on post count sooner or later some one will get there?

    Maybe change the colour or something for Fred's one? Could do something like forum legend or similar?

    I don't think his Avatar has a picture so maybe that could changed to something suitable?

    Good idea though Wain.

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    I've just checked and his Avatar doesn’t have a photo.

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    Come on, any more ideas anyone?

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