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    Pool Electric System Controller - anyone know where to get one

    Hi All,

    does anyone know where I can obtain an electronic box that lets me connect mains in, has switchable mains feed out , one outlet only is fine. A float switch connects to the box & in the event of low water the power is cut off & an output to alarm is triggered until the box is reset.

    I have one currently , a TMC System Controller, but today after around 15 years its playing up and wont reset or output to alarm.

    It has proved its worth many times saving my pump & UV.

    I have installed a Matsuko switch box & although this has a pump protect on it I would prefer to have all my pumps & UV's turned off & have audible & visual alarm alert me to an issue.

    This morning the Matsuko box was bleeping & the pump from line 1 had been turned off due to faulty water level sensor in drum not activating rinse cycle, however I had another pump on which drained drum, fortunately amalgams were off on timer.

    I have seen devices that will activate an alarm by a float switch but have no provision to shut pumps etc down at the same time

    Cant believe that these aren't more common

    Regards Paul

    Fibreglass / block 4500 G pool, Aerated BD, Profidrum S/S RDF, Amalgams, Bio Chamber, Bakki shower

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    I’ve used a float switch when I had a pump fed pond- it was just connected to a junction box that turned everything off if the level fell.
    If you wanted it to also be switchable you could use a waterproof switch box in place of a waterproof junction box?

    My drum control panel does all this stuff for me, but some of the cheaper drums lack this functionality unfortunately.

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    You can do this with a double throw relay. Wire a float to close the coil on the relay. Put a live feed into the common entry on the relay. Work out which output is connected to common when the relay is not energised, connect this side to your alarm light / buzzer. Use the other output to power your pumps etc. Make sure the relay size is big enough to power your equipment.

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