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    Anyone used All Pond Soltuions' UV?

    Hi All

    Does anyone have experience with the All Pond solutions UV? At 75 quid for a 55w, that half the cost of an evoPro. Decent quality??



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    I've never bought anything from APS for my pond, but I did buy 2 of there large external filters for my pleco tanks a few couple of years ago and I wasn't impressed. The filters worked OK, but the build quality wasn't to my liking, a bit cheap and nasty. But that's only my thoughts, others may think different.

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    Someone I know has a smaller unit on a small pond, that was suffering from green water. I think it was only the 7 watt one, his water has been vestal clear since. Although his pond is very small.


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    They are actually the same as the Jebao UVs- basically they are an unbranded probably Chinese product that gets rebranded by the sellers.

    I had a 36w one on a previous pond for a few years and it was actually pretty good at its job. Not amazingly good quality, I seem to remember it being a bit temperamental with the O ring seating when you replace the bulb. But for the money certainly good value.

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    They are value for money basic units.
    I've had/got two of the 35w ones and replaced the lamps, no problem with the seals.
    I like the little 'propellor' to show the flow.



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