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Thread: Nasturtium

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    Hi guys. Im after advice somehow i have got some nasturtium growing around the edge of pond i have no idea where this came from. I know we can eat it in salads and it looks nice with great coverage.
    My question is this. Is it harmful to my koi if they eat it or will they ok with it and maybe even enjoy it.

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    Not that I am an expert

    I believe watercress and nasturtium are the same family

    I have watercress alongside my wildlife pond think it came in on a plant as didnt buy it

    I have common and mirror in the pond and no issues, I havent seen them eat it

    however they tend to try anything in the water I believe

    hope this helps put your mind at ease until someone with a better knowledge advises
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    Yeah I think it’s edible, should give them a tasty snack.
    I tried to plant water cress in floating baskets at one point, but my koi were hell bent on getting to it and it all ended up being dragged out and eaten

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    😁 Ill leave it where it is for next season

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    Thanks feline ill let it grow and see what next year brings 😁



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