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Thread: usable pump?

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    usable pump?

    hi folks

    I've acquired a really nice pump... 9000lph max so should be ideal for running my Eazypod (will have it turned down a litttle). Possible issue is... it only has 1" inlets and outlets. As I understand it I should be using 1.5" for my return lines. Any way around this? I guess fitting adapters to increase the size would be an option but will this restrict the flow? Or could I use 1" pipe?

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    Just step up to 1.5" as soon as you can and it should be fine.


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    Hey Clippo, what is the make and model, someone on here might be able to give you information on the pump and whether it worth it.

    It seems strange to have a 9000l per hour with 1" inlet/outlet.

    You would want to put 1" to 1.5" adaptors at a minimum.

    Depending on where the pump is going;
    In the pond = 1" to 1.5" on outlet up to the pod.
    Out on pond but before pod = 1"to 2" inlet 1" to 1.5" outlet.
    After pod = 1" to 1.5" either side.

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    cheers guys - it's a Sicce SDC 9.0. I've been sent it with a bespoke external use rated power supply and will be putting the wired controller in a mobile phone waterproof case (that said it's all under a covered pergola anyway). Don't think I've seen anyone else using them but I've got a couple powering my reef tanks and have been very impressed. It's wifi capable with alerts etc. My pond is only 6000l by the way so planning to run about 6000lph through the pod which I guess including losses would mean I'm running the SDC on about 70%

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    anyone got a link to a 1 - 1.5" pump converter? I've googled a few different terms but not seeing anything obviously usable...

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    Can you use a rubber coupler / reducer to attach the varying pipe and pump ?


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    They come with a range of adapters apparently https://charterhouse-aquatics.com/sh...trollable-pump
    What's Included?
    • 1x SDC 9.0 Multifunction Pump
    • 1x SDC Controller
    • 1x SDC 9.0 Power Supply
    • 4x Silencer Feet
    • 2x 25mm Pipe Adapters
    • 2x 32mm Pipe Adapters
    • 2x 1" NPT Pipe Adapters
    • 2x 1 3/8" NPT Unions
    • 2x 1" - 1 1/4" Barbs

    I’m assuming you bought this second hand? Sounds like it might have NPT threads. Pond stuff doesn’t usually use that thread standard.

    If you can’t find anything suitable to attach to that you could as said just use a 1” to 1.5” rubber boot at each end, stick a load of PFTE tape round the thread so you can get a seal onto it.

    You might find that this pump struggles to get enough flow for your Pod. If it’s 4000 -9000 lph that might end up being in reality less than 6000 lph at full throttle due to resistances and heads.

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    just doing some reading around and refreshing knowledge on head pressure etc.... and I noticed that this pump lists a max head of 7m compared to around 3m for the EA Varipump 10k. Am I missing something here or does this suggest the Sicce is essentially less prone to losing performance due to head pressure/friction? I guess I must be missing a trick...



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