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    Little help needed


    I have just started a new pond over last few months everything seems to be going well and I have now insulated my raised pond and have just purchased some 25mm polycarbonate sheets. But wondering what sort of air gap do I need between water level and bottom of the sheets. As I understand there needs to be some room for gas exchange. Do I need to leave an opening?

    I do have a spindrifterand and the oase skimmer which has air pump in it. So the pond it getting plenty of oxygen.

    Thanks for help.

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    So long as you just leave a small gap,somewhere, it will be fine.

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    My polys are about 3" above the water. It varies as the pond goes up and down as my drum cleans from the pond water and I do a manual top up daily.

    Another reason to have them not too close is that the koi may knock and damage themselves on the underside, esp the leading ray of the dorsal. This is another reason I went with a 'frameless' solution, as detailed here:

    If it's not too cold and blowy, I prop my first poly up for a while to allow a good exchange of air. It can get a bit stuffy under the polys. I have large airstones in my pond but do not allow air to blow in and circulate under the covers when down as this prevents the wind chill factor.

    Hope that's helpful Little help needed

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