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    CT has really affected my filters

    Well after a year of zero Ammonia i now find myself with Ammonia of 1.0 and zero Nitrite so my filters have taken a right old kicking, pond temp is at 18.2, fish seem to be ok...... not had Ammonia since my filters were new in spring 2019, appreciate its only 17 months on but i would of thought the filters would of coped better, the food has been cut back and have a trickle going in and done some water changes, Ammonia fluctuates between 0.5 and 1 but now at 1 most of the time, looks like a combination of cleaning the filters and adding CT and then Fluke M last weekend has destroyed the good bacteria....
    I have purchased some Envirex and added some today so will see if this helps the Ammonia issue over the next day or so......will report back as i know this product has been under the spot light recently.

    2200 gallons, infinity window, BD
    Evolve 4000 combi amalgam UV
    10k,20k AF pumps
    Skimmer trickle.

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    Unfortunately CT like all antibacterial pond treatments are not at all specific about which bacteria they kill. But you may find that your biofilm bounces back quickly so don’t panic yet. The nitrite will likely follow by spiking a bit when the ammonia bugs recover and suddenly produce a bunch of nitrite for those bugs to catch up with.

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