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    Upgraded to Virasure

    Hi everyone

    For those who have followed a few posts of mine and other people who have had bacterial, parasite hell this year you will have read my post on Virkon.

    Anyhow after the virkon I noticed I still had some bacterial related problems on a fish despite very heavily dosing using Virkon so I put on my big boy pants and bought some Virasure.

    Well worth it. Saw visible results within a day- fish stopped flashing. it even got read of cotton wool fungus that was starting too.

    Only problem i have is the dosage rate. They do not specify If you can do more than one/concentrated dose in a week so I am following their guidelines for now.

    Does anyone dose at a higher rate?

    Fish seem happier - well worth the extra 20 quid. Filter not knocked back much either - tested NH3 2 days after treatment alls well.


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    Maybe I will try these once the Virkon runs out

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