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    strange behaviour

    As reported on other threads my Gin Matsuba is not great at the moment, has not been right for a while, he goes for food with gusto but spits it out after a while, hangs completely upright or with head head down and just drifts around in the return flow, he is clamped up and motionless then all of a sudden he seems to wake up and swims around goes to the window swims up and down and joins the other fish, he then returns to hanging again, i have scraped him a few times and seen nothing at all on the slides, i have salt bathed him which seems to help but he then goes back to usual weird behaviour, he does have a front pec fin which is quite pink and at times has pinkness on his flanks, water parameters are all good.
    Past 36 hours treated pond with CT at 15% and added Fluke M yesterday, will see how it goes but was hoping to of seen a slight improvement today in him..... anyone else seen this behaviour and if so what was the problem.....

    2200 gallons, infinity window, BD
    Evolve 4000 combi amalgam UV
    10k,20k AF pumps
    Skimmer trickle.

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    Sounds exactly like the behaviour displayed recently by my ogon. He also had some slight red showing on pecs and head. He also definitely had the gill flukes.

    Since the last fluke treatment, he seems to have improved a lot. Much less time skulking at the bottom or just hanging about. Feeding with the other fish now and finally not spitting out all of the food.

    It did take about five days from the fluke treatment, before he seemed to improve.

    Hope you get it sorted.



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