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    Retro drain advise

    Hi at the moment i have a retro drain in the pond going to 11/2 inch pipe to a non return valve then over the top of the pond to a Above water level sequence pump with a filter basket then to a uv then a Cetus sieve then another pump to pump it to a nexus filter ,it all works fine and the water is all ways clear but my problem is i have to keep cleaning the basket before the first pump . My question is would it work if i keep the retro drain but change to 2 inch pipe and went through the pond wall below water level to a gate valve then to the Cetus sieve which would be lowered to water level then to a pump , if i worked this way I would do away with the pump basket and only have to run 1 pump . I know 2 inch pipe isnít very big but a wondered if any one had tried this , Plan 2 would be a Draco bottom drain but it would be harder to fit i would appreciate any thoughts many thanks graham.

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    Might be wrong here but I think it would be possible,depending on wether your sieve is strictly pump fed or can it be swapped to be run as gravity fed? Iím sure it could be possible but youíd have to make sure you can get the levels right ie get the sieve to the correct level



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