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    Pond maintenance schedules

    What is everyoneís weekly / monthly pond maintenance schedules. Mine is...


    Hoover bottom of pond
    20% water change
    Quick clean of filter brushes
    Clean filter floss and 200 micron filter bag
    Add pond clay
    Add pure pond balls
    Water test
    Going to start adding aqua source KH/GH buffer up every other week


    Replace filter floss
    Clean foam cartridge
    Hoover out bottom of filter box

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    Mine is a bit as and when

    I do change 20% twice weekly as a trickle in trickle out

    Hoover when it needs it

    When it comes to cleaning the filters, I do try and do it weekly.

    Clay and pond balls fortnightly [that reminds me, I need some pond balls]

    My biggest fish is only 25cm though so I guess Iíll have to increase as they grow

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    Flush bottom drain 3 times in the week.
    Flush skimmer 3 times in the week.
    Water change 30% at 2x 15%. Plus I trickle in and out 10 % water weekly.

    Don t do monthly

    Clean nexus inner chamber as required.
    And clean nexus outer chamber yearly.
    Drop in draco drum
    Clean top pond out twice a year. With plants. Spring and around October.
    New bakki shower. Will clean this twice a year.

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    I clean the mechanical side daily. Sometimes twice daily. This involves boiling the K1, draining, flushing. Then I take a long handled brush (a brush with 6ft if pipe for the handle) and push anything on the pond floor toward the drain. Then purging the pipe, and brushing down anything remaining.

    I am overstocked so it's necessary but I do actually enjoy it, sort of.

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    Remove and rinse skimmer basket morning and evening.
    Do a quick clean on Bioforce Revolution filter on skimmer line. Was doing this weekly until I stripped and cleaned it over the weekend and saw the state of it
    As required swap and clean 200 micron filter sock on Eazy Pod outlet. Just swapped to a 100 micron filter sock this morning so could be swapping and cleaning every day now.

    Clean Eazy Pod 2 x 5 minute boils and 1 flush every 2 to 3 days at the moment including brushing the insides with long bottle brush to get rid of blanket weed before emptying and refilling between boils.

    Flush Multi Cyclone filter as required but usually when cleaning the Eazy Pod. Can do 1 to 4 flushes depending how dirty it is.


    Strip and clean Tornado 2 Protein skimmer and empty foam bucket.

    After seeing the state of it yesterday lol strip and clean the Bioforce Revolution filter.

    As required

    Drain Eazy Pod, remove K1 and give it a proper rinse out as it doesn't clean very well with just boiling it due to the disc thing that's fitted in it. Still not 100% sure how much the disc is actually doing apart from holding the K1 under the water all the time?

    Probably missed a couple of things but it's not far off

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    Interesting to see what others are doing. I really enjoy the upkeep side of things it doesnít bother getting cold and dirty !

    Judging by others I think I should be changing more water per week? On the other hand Iím not feeding heavy and the water parameters have been good so far...

    Frimley thatís quite a lot to do every day!!

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    The Eazy Pod and the Multi Cyclone filter is every 2 or 3 days not every day. Same for the filter socks hopefully?

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    - feed koi pellets during the day
    - feed sturgeon pellets in the evening
    - stare for ages at the pond, mesmerized by the fish, then wonder where the time has gone.
    - think about what fish I should add next :-D
    - check the forum.


    - test water parameters and check water temp
    - purge bottom drain line to waste
    - 5 - 10% water top up
    - add ST after water change
    - clean skimmer basket
    - clean pond window inside and out.


    - manually clean mesh on drum or at least add some bi carb to keep bio film down
    - remove/agitate any settled muck in dirty side of drum
    - check uv looks ok (turned off obviously) I.e. check for ingress of water, cracks, condensation etc. This is easy as it's loose in the dirty side of the drum.


    - empty k1 from bio filter and wash out any muck that has built up (not done this one yet).
    - agitate any muck built up in the air lift tank
    - wash out shower media and shower trays with pond water

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    I think your daily routine from the 3rd sentence down applies to a few members including myself lol

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