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    Transplanting water from old pond to new?


    Looking for opions. I'm building our new pond while we still have the current one. Current pond sits higher than the new location and only about 8ft away so transplanting the water from old to new would be easy.

    What's the wisdom on doing this? Bad idea or W other.

    Obviously in the current pond, fish are healthy, and have had babies, but the water is green and murky as you'd expect just running a pressure filter. And a small UV (it's 10000l). But I guess it's been through the maturing process and thus all the biological side is balanced and Co yributing to the health of the pond.

    My new pond is going to have brand new filtration (DIY) going in when its finished.

    I'm not trying to cheap out on the water here, don't get me wrong! It's peanuts in the scheme of building the pond, I just wondered whether transplanting already 'biologically established' water is better than throwing fresh water in from tap and waiting for it to mature and ending up with new pond syndrome. I appreciate it would take some time and effort for my new filters to clean all the crud out of the old water anyway and many cleaning cycles and thus may be a dumb idea, hence why I'm asking.

    I've had some of the k1 media I plan to use in the new pond filters sat in a bag in the old pond hoping they'll mature a bit and pick up some of the good bacteria.. But again, not sure if there was any point in that, its just something recommended by 'wrighty' who's diy barrel filter plan is what I'm following.

    Anyway, don't shoot me down, I'm new. Just wondered people's thoughts.

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    a pump and a pipe
    5000g, Drum Filter/Gravity, + MBB, Skimmer-Sieve-Shower.

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    I don't see any problem with transferring the water. If it can be transferred via the existing filter outlet that would take away the risk of transferring sludge etc.

    Maybe fill to 60% with old water, put the Koi in the new pond, then top up with fresh water.

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    Cheers bi. I'd figured that part out lol! Not the how, just whether I should!

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    yes you should. your water is 'mature', or should be, it would be wasteful to dump it and fill the new pond with 'new' water. using the existing water will give your filters a head start and hopefully avoid 'new pond syndrome'.
    5000g, Drum Filter/Gravity, + MBB, Skimmer-Sieve-Shower.

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    Cool. Thanks all. And I feel better for not wasting all that water as well. Doing my bit for the planet to offset all the plastic waste that comes with fibreglassing.

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    What about a sump pump and flexi hose? Screwfix for both and maybe once sorted you can use the pump and hose sat in a water butt to water your garden? or use it to pump your waste water into the water butt?

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    As I have to pump my waste water away I have the Eazy Pod emptying into a 90 litre tub when cleaning it and there is a puddle pump in there which pumps out to 2 x 210 litre water butts. In one of the water butts there is a sump pump which is used to water the garden when both water butts are full but it empties them so quickly I am almost running round the garden lol. May go for another puddle pump in the water butt and do away with the sump pump. It will empty the water butts better and not so fast lol

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    Yeah I have a dirty water/sump pump already, but I might just use the filter outlier from pressure filter as RS2000 said it will stop some of the sludge getting pulled through at least. I haven't bothered with a water butt in the garden yet.. Keep meaning to. But we're lucky to have a natural well in the front garden. If I get around to it I want to put a pump down there and get free water, just never got around to it
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    My garden gets the sludge and anything else pumped out of the pond and into the water butt's. Probably explains why my grass is so long even in the middle of summer and it gets cut every other week

    I'm trying to get an overflow from the side of the pond etc to empty into another tub and then onto the grass at the moment.

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