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    Weed gone mad, drum constantly cleaning

    noticed some blanket weed a few weeks back but did not think it was too long or would be much of an issue, suddenly gone mad the fish are ripping it off in chunks, there are lots of clumps floating around in the water column, the drum is going into overdrive, i have cleaned the mesh to help with water flow but the weed is quite dense and so the drum is cleaning 5 to 6 times every hour at the mo and i think will get worse, i have lowered the switch to try and give more times between cleans but you can physically watch the water levels drop inside the filter housing, have ordered some Resolve but looks like a tricky week ahead, had my arm inside the drum today and pulled out huge clumps of black slimy and very smelly weed....this is my first experience of this stuff and hopefully the last once i get the resolve in there......

    Do you guys just let it break up with the treatment and let the drum remove it or do you net the pond and remove as much of the weed as possible in a fine mesh net ??

    2200 gallons, infinity window, BD
    Evolve 4000 combi amalgam UV
    10k,20k AF pumps
    Skimmer trickle.

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    Wouldn’t be surprised if your bottom drain pipe or cover isn’t partially blocked .
    Run a stick around the cover and watch for clumps of bw coming through

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    Hi always helpful to remove as much as possible if you can, and treat ASAP. I add a small dose (50% dose) of treatment in April, and another Julyish to keep it at bay. Otherwise as you discover it’s a real sh*t to clear through any filter system..hope it clears quick for you. Cheers

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    Than God for Drum`s eh?

    Just imagine what a mess you would have if you were using Brushes in a Multibay!

    Seriously, Blanket Weed treatment is the only way forward right now and as has been said, check your bottom drain and purge it if you can.

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    I've found that Blanketweed can become a problem very quickly. I've seen my Oase Filtoclear 6000 choke within 24 hours of first seeing signs in the pond. Cloverleaf is a very effective treatment and best to use to prevent rather than when you have a problem.

    Try and get as much out with a net as you can rather than let it into the filter/pump which can be difficult to clear.

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    I am the same as scamp. I do a half dose
    In spring and a half dose end of summer.
    Whether I have weed or not. And that keeps it out the pond.
    As said once you start getting it in filters.
    Can be a nightmare.
    I use aqua resolve treatment.

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    I use Cloverleaf Blanket Answer with good results - usually half a dose is enough if not left to get out of hand.
    The BW choked up my EA Nexus 320 big-time - ended up sucking it out of the filter twice a day with my pond vac, but the BA sorted it in 3-4 days.
    23,000l, bottom drain, splash return, EA Nexus 320 Auto, EA evo55 UV, EA AP130, Oase Aquamax 14000.

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