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    Quote Originally Posted by JimJones View Post
    Struggle to be acceptable? I got a repair and the unit back in 6 days would've been quicker I imagine if it wasn't over a weekend. I think that is very good customer service. Bear in mind this is during Covid delays etc .

    Filter wool and brushes kept things going ok

    which is fine if you have a drop in. It isn’t fine if you have to remove an entire section of your filter bay and have an air gap between your 2no of 4” pipes in and 2no out.

    ive got a drum and am quite impressed by it, BUT if one working part went wrong whilst away for a long weekend then things could go very wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimJones View Post
    I paid 24 hour first class overnight insured up to 500 quid for 18 pounds. Draco sent it back for free.
    Cant beat that.


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    If it worries you perhaps don’t have a drum, or buy a spare drum for use as a donor, you would be doing well if you could get it shipped back and repaired and returned in three days, parcel it up and collected today, that’s one day, if it isn’t delivered till lunchtime tomorrow the chances of getting it repaired and ready for return on day two is minimal, this is if it’s not weekend, maybe the dealer could a full stock of spares ready, up goes the price,, on a 1000 drum I doubt the dealer gets 100, he won’t want to have his capitol tied up in parts that he can have delivered next day,
    So perhaps you would be better off having a multi bay or a Nexus, very little to break and go wrong, then only the fines to moan about.

    I cannot really fault the service I’ve had from Draco, any parts I’ve had Draco have never failed to get them to me next day, but now and then s*** happens, live with it.

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    agree Doitsu

    What if your sieve overflows or gets biofilm on it?
    What if a pump goes?

    we ca all torture ourselves if we go down that route


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    So my first drum had two leaks and it took well over a month to get it swapped out. I have just noticed the internal design of the drum has changed and it isn’t good news. On the first one which I bought about two months ago it had black serrated blades On the inside of the drum that scooped the muck up out of the water and into the chute. Now there is nothing in the drum to scoop out the muck so it just sits there until the wash cycle comes on, then it does and impression of a cement mixer and just churns it around. Very disappointed.

    When I removed the chute today to clean it I am shocked by the huge amount of build up of waster in the drum.

    This is concerning as I only swapped these over 1.5weeks ago....




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