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    Check your pump impellers!

    Iíve had a couple of occasions recently when Iíve unplugged my Oase Eco Premium 20000 and it hasnít wanted to start, then a slightly unusual rumble when it starts.

    I stripped it down today and it turns out the bearing at the back had broken and so there was wobble on the impeller thatís has Ďgrazedí the shaft and housing a little. Managed to get a new one today (nearly £90 poorer as not covered by warranty) but oh my word the performance is staggering now - I hadnít realised just how it had dropped off.

    Definitely worth checking if something sounds or looks a little off.

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    Was £90 for the bearing and shaft?
    Bearings are quite cheap as I did two sequence pumps and they were only a couple of quid each.
    Worth keeping an eye on though.

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    Yes for the whole impeller, bearing and rubber ‘cup’ at the end. Was rather shocked at the cost!



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