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    Please help me to choose Tosai Chagoi.

    Hi all,Im looking to get a Chagoi for my pond. Could you please help me to choose between these two:
    Tosai - 24cm
    Screenshot 2020-05-27 at 17.33.39.jpg

    Tosai 30cm
    Screenshot 2020-05-27 at 17.33.25.jpg

    Thank you!

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    Extreme Koi Member Rank = Yonsai phil45's Avatar
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    second one for me as the first looks like it my develop into a rugby ball....i have one that did that

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    Thanks Phil45,
    Iím leaning towards 2nd as well, but wanted to hear from the experienced keepers.

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    Extreme Koi Member Rank = Nisai m00ny's Avatar
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    I'd echo what Phil says, the body shape on the 1st isn't great and will more than likely get/look worse as it grows.

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    Thanks m00ny! I appreciate the advice!



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