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    Looking good Phil.

    I was thinking about a Draco Minima as it's a small combi isn't it? I wasn't sure if the inlet and outlet would be the right way for my current setup as it doesn't say on the website if you can specify a left or right handed option so never followed it up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by keeper View Post

    Im in the process of removing the rotten deck round my pond which was built in 2004.
    Its about 1800 Gal holds 10 6inch koi and one old boy who has been in the pond from its build and was in my old pond.

    The plan it to lay Indian stone rather than decking, so I'm thinking of replacing my Eric 2 with a drum and bio.
    I had looked at the Oase compact which would make me over filtered but with the pipe layout it would make it difficult to fit with the patio plan.

    The Draco Minima is the perfect size and will fit down the short wall of the pond where my bottom drain comes out, then I can box it in with a seat at the side of the pond.

    I know I'm on the edge of its limits and at 60 I have no plans to extend the pond or add more fish, I got the little ones to grow on to keep the old boy company as he was on his own but is happily plodding along so we got him some mates.

    Does this seem a good way forward or would people advise something bigger?
    Ideally I need something slim, with piping at front and rear, I can get away with side entry using the Minima though.
    I also have mains water feed at the pond and a 4 inch waste that goes direct to drains so I'm covered for any type of install.

    Cheers Phil

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    That's a lovely looking pond. I love how you have integrated it in with the decking. Can't help with the filter apart from saying that I have an Oase Compact Premium and it's pretty minimalistic for the amount of filtration it offers.

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    If anyone is interested I have a Draco Minima for sale.
    Collection from Dartford
    Needs new drum drive motor and looking for 600
    5000 Gallon Fibreglassed Pond With 54" x 27" Infinity Window
    BD300 Drum Filter
    Artesian 0.5hp - Aquadyne 4.4c Beadfilter - PS4 Protein Shower
    Badu Eco Touch - EP20 UV Sterilizer - ASHP - Venturi
    Hi Blo 60 - Medo 45 - Spindrifter Bottom Drain
    Wide Mouthed Skimmer


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