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Thread: crazy winds

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    Unhappy crazy winds

    well its blowing a hoolie here in East Sussex, wind gusts are really strong and getting stronger, i just walked the me dog and there are some big oak trees on the opposite side of where we walk and they all cracked and big branches snapped off as this big gust went up through, you could literally see the wind as it blew up through the small wood as each tree got bent over one by one, never seen or heard that before quite a strange thing to witness.....
    My pond is doing ok, one side of fencing out the back will probably be down later though as already got snapped fence posts and the whole thing is moving hope you lads and lassies are all ok, keep safe....

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    Hi , same here just waiting for the pond covers to go past the window ,next doors fence is on its way over if it goes the pond cover will follow.

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    One of our fences down already (next doors responsibility), other fence is only a year old and I can see the concrete posts moving when it gusts.

    Pond cover (the tarpaulin/bubble-wrap sandwich) has started coming apart but so far the bungee cords are just about still holding it down.

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    the surface skimmer is doing its first shift since the pond was filled in December, I haven't seen a leaf in the garden all winter but plenty in the basket and pond already! Fish seem to be enjoying it though!

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