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    Beautiful fish there! What did that set you back?

    I am looking out for a hi utsuri or asagi see what comes up first Queni Koi Winter Event

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    Quote Originally Posted by davethefish1 View Post
    All's well that ends well...

    One of the fish I quickly looked at in the open sale vats yesterday didn't sell.
    and Queni have now lopped another 33% off the 'winter event' price,
    from a lot of the remaining fish.

    It was a lot quieter today only 2 other people in.
    I just couldn't resist it at such a good price, so I popped back today and bought it.

    The sumi has a long way to go and it well might end up being quite a dark fish, but that's what i was looking for originally anyway.

    Queni have them all recovering in one of the large ponds after being in vats yesterday.
    so i'll pick him up in a week or so....

    Queni Koi Winter Event-showa-dainichi-nisai-48cm-jpg

    Attachment 30403
    beautiful Dave, so much potential will be great to watch that grow and mature into a stunner !! I look forward to seeing its progress..... Steve.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smartin View Post
    beautiful Dave, so much potential will be great to watch that grow and mature into a stunner !! I look forward to seeing its progress..... Steve.
    Me too,
    there is so much undeveleoped sumi, it might not pan out quite how i imagine it.
    or it may take a very long time....

    but i really like dark showa's
    and it's the closest thing i've seen to a kage showa... now that would be stunning!

    Queni Koi Winter Event-kage-showa-jpg

    kage showa.jpg
    You don't have to be a pipefitter to keep koi...
    but it helps...

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    Lovely fish. What stands out for me is the
    Scaling. I love the scales on your new addition. Great choice. It's a stunner in my eyes

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    Nice fish, will certainly stand out in your pond.

    looking on the Queni site a couple of nice fish left but noticeable that in the more affordable price range they are all males that didn’t sell

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    Lovely Showa Dave and plenty of development left.

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    Not a great picture and hopefully attached ok - This is the Showa that I got at the event.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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