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Thread: microscope

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    Hi guys what size micro scope do i need for scrapes,aldi selling some at the moment.

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    You should be looking to have 400x Magnification To ensure you can cover the full range of parasites as the most nasty Costia 400x is required.

    I invested in a apex practitioner and have been impressed with the lighting and precision of the scope. Very smooth scanning.. I also got a camera to aid as at 400x it can take a fair while to scan a slide.

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    When p packed in i had an Apex Researcher.As ive started up again i bought a Practitioner and to be honest i get on with it a lot better than the Researcher.Same as the above post,i have the Minigrab.A bargain at £50 from Apex

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    I picked up a brand new minigrab for around £20 on eBay.

    This could be a bargain for someone:


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