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    HIve Thermostat to control Koi Pond heating


    My 3500 gallon koi pond has been heated by my home central for 14 years now using a digital controller. I have just installed Hive Active Heating and my pond is still being heating in the same way. However i wish to put the pond on a Zone and use the Hive Multi Zone system. so that i can control the heating wirelessly.

    Has anyone been able to achieve this ?

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    is the thermostat not in the hive unit? do they do one that can be plumbed in and talk to the mother unit?
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    i've got the drayton 'wiser' wireless heating control unit, similar to the Hive.
    and could theoretically swap my 2 channel to a 3 channel controller to wirelessly turn a separate heating zone to a koi pond heating off and on.
    the same as a hot water cylinder zone.
    but you wouldn't be able to control temperature remotely, so i guess with a multi channel controller the Hive would be the same.

    i'm not aware of a Hive wireless stat that can be used to sense the temperature of water. only a rooms air temp.
    but even if they did, the normal wireless remote stats don't tend to have a very good range depending on the distance to your pond...
    and the last thing you want is the stat losing the signal to the controller and heating the pond non stop.
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