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    Energyline E-ECO 4 external stat wiring for Woodberry

    Toby (Woodberry),

    Here is the wiring diagram for an external stat for the
    Energyline E-ECO 4 heat pump. It's too big to post in reply to your PM so I've posted it here in the forum:

    On the main circuit board there is a link marked DI01 which is wired to a connector block marked "REMOTE IN" which has a link that can be replaced by external control equipment. You can connect your external stat in place of this link and there is also some electronics behind this link that protects the compressor against rapid cycling or any other circumstance that may damage it.

    Just two steps:

    • Take the live and neutral supply for the stat from the mains input connector block. (You should include a small fuse holder with a 3 amp or 3.15 amp fuse for safety).
    • Connect the stat contact in place of the link marked "REMOTE IN"

    BTW this link can control the pump from any other device you might think of such as a timer - just make sure that you use a volt free contact for all external devices and connect them all in series.

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    That's brilliant - many thanks! I reckon even I can manage that.

    All the best.


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