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    Smile Winter: Heating & Feeding

    Hi All,

    My pond has been sat at 21 degrees all summer and they have been gobbling down Queni Koi Ultimate Mix like the world is about to end

    Now I am dropping the temperature down and will maintain 14 degrees all winter. The Ultimate mix food is suitable for over 13 degrees so technically I could keep them on this food and just feed less. The second option is to switch to a wheat germ like this https://queni-koi.co.uk/multi-season...germ-202-p.asp (suitable for down to 8 degrees) and the keep feeding up?

    I'm interested to know the thoughts of the other people here who heat through the winter...what do you feed and how often?


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    I moved from QK ultimate mix to ultimate koi to eliminate the brown water the mix produced, and like you, I will be running at 14įC throughout the winter, I like to feed once a day at those temperatures. In the past, I fed Hikari Saki Multiseason, but this year I am trying out QK japan mix, which has a protein content of 38%. The koi seem to like it and the price is good, especially compared to the saki. I also mix in a bit of QK sinking to make sure the shyer koi are getting a fare share.
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