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    Pond cover query

    Hi All,

    We had to have our pond covered due to babies.

    I bought a cover that could be concealed under the surface but when the guys came to install it they said it needed to be raised as our 13 Koi need to surface.

    With the recent rain the cover is now submerged and looks a lot better.

    Do Koi need to surface for any reason?I have stopped feeding for the winter so can't think of another reason they would need to come to the surface..?

    Hope that makes sense!

    Many thanks
    Olly Screenshot 2019-11-08 at 09.06.20.jpg

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    I donít know if thereís a specific reason if koi need to surface but Iím afraid I wouldnít have a cover like that below the surface koi will damage themselves on there

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    As Davec says, koi like to injure themselves on anything they can find!

    Might get away with it in winter but any oxygen deficiency when the pond warms up and the bigger koi will die very quickly if they can't get to the surface.

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    I think koi also adjust the air in their swimbladder by gulping air which would require access to the surface.

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    Thought that but didnt wanna say incase I made it up Haha. Some times why big fish jump when In deep lakes

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    [QUOTE=Ajm;311782]Thought that but didnt wanna say incase I made it up Haha.

    You probably did Johnathan ……….. but we're used to it...…

    Koi just jump for the hell of it sometimes so yes they could damage themselves on it

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