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Thread: Pondovac 5 help

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    Pondovac 5 help

    Hey all

    I just bought a new pondovac 5 and tried it for the first time.

    It doesn't appear to have much strength at all....at a depth of no more than 50cm the silt and leaves right in front of the nozzle were just ignoring it..the odd one that ended up in the nozzle you could see took an age to move up the column.

    The unit and the outlet are all pretty level (bearing in mind its meant to be able to handle height differences).

    Only a trickle is coming out the outlet and not continuous....but the unit isn't over filling, so I suppose that means the inlet/primary pump is the problem?

    Any ideas....can a long extension lead impact power?

    Anyone got one of these and have a better experience?

    All help appreciated.



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    Something donít sound right itís meant to be good for 2 + metres of depth

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    Have you tried priming the vac at a shallower depth first. Then once flowing. Go deeper. I have the cheapst pond vac.
    70 to 80 quid. And that works well at 7 feet deep. 6 feet of water. But I prime it first shallower. Then go deeper

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    Is the regulator on the handle closed?
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    Quote Originally Posted by balder View Post
    Is the regulator on the handle closed?
    Hope so, or it could be a little

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    I have a pond vac 2 I think, the twin chamber one.
    On the hole it's quite good will hoover the bottom of my pond 6ft with good draw. The main problem with mine though is it blocks fairly easily with blanket weed etc.
    You have to take the top off and unblock the the flap that goes into the chamber.
    Not sure what other vacs there are any vacs out there that are any better though, will watch this thread.

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    I agree with Sim I have a oase pond vac with twin chamber, when that flap sticks all suction stops.

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