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    Yet Another Thread About Polycarbonate

    Ok. Sorry to raise this again but i am finally going to cover the pond this year. The pond is a kind of backwards, squashed D shape. Like this....


    I got it priced up at those measurements before realising that i need to add 600mm to each sheet so that it will rest on the bricks.

    Which is going to take it out of my budget a bit.

    I was going to use 25mm

    If i went for 16mm instead, would i have to put some kind of support in to stop the sheet sagging?

    Also, assume that it costs 3.00 per day to run the ASHP on my pond, with no covers on at all.

    Can anyone give me a realistic estimate of what it would cost if i lagged all the pipework and covered the pond with 16mm polycarbonate please? And then a further estimate if i covered with 25mm polycarbonate please.

    I am just trying to work out if its worth paying for 25mm. If i went for 16mm, i could always add another layer next year or something.

    Lastly, can anyone suggest anywhere to get it where they will do me a good price please?

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    I would put supports in whichever thickness you use and whichever way you use it,Will sag with weight of snow and weaken over time .The thicker stuff is worth the investment will last years.

    I find this company are very good, they are very quick with delivery too.


    Hope this helps Tony

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    Thanks Tony. I will take a look at the site.

    This might sound stupid but what can i use for a support? It would have to be 5.6 metres long. The only thing strong enough i can think of is 2 x 2 (so 4) 3 metre lengths of 40mm solvent weld pipe. Joined to make 2 x 6 metre lengths then filled with concrete.

    That might hold?

    I am more concerned about the weight of damp leaves than snow. I will definitely have damp leaves to contend with but only maybe some snow.

    I was hoping snow wouldn't settle on the polycarbonate if the pond was kept around 13 ? Or is that too optimistic?

    I think back to the story (possibly an urban myth) of the bloke growing cannabis in his loft. Then it snowed and a police helicopter happened to pass overhead and notice that only one house didn't have snow on the roof lol

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    I have to ask you can get
    polycarbonate sheets that long special order and an absolute bitch to handle that size but why are you going it that way over the pond not the short side and pipe to rest it on what's your plan build wise??? yes you will get snow on it even with the heat that's what its meant to do keep the heat in an elements out and the triple wall is very good at that

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    I don’t know what your budget is, but if you shop around, and assuming 2.5m is the outside measurement, you can get 25mm polycarbonate 2.5m x 1m for 51 and a frame work of 50mm x 75mm timber isn’t going to cost much. You can probably construct a set of five panels that can be easily lifted on and off as required for around 400. 16mm polycarbonate would knock 50-60 off that, but the thicker the better.
    I use 35mm over 3m x 4.5m pond, and last winter when the water was 15C and the air was -5C overnight, the heat pump packed up and I only lost 1C over two nights. I don’t even fix the polycarbonate down, it just sits on top of the wood. As long as the wind can’t get underneath, they stay in place. I’ve been using the same panels for the last six years, so they are worth the investment.
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    Hi Mate,

    if you have a read through some previous posts you will see what I did regarding poly sheets and where I purchased from with a link etc, I mounted mine on a wooden frame, the poly was 35mm thick, I also used tape around the lengths as the widths came pre taped, as said above its quite strong but will need supporting over your pond width (that is my view) to help longevity and prevent sagging, some do not, your choice, ...., some use deck boards but your width I would use 3x2 minimum, have fun Steve.
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    Interesting thread so I am going to jump in - might even be construed as hijacking thread - apologies in advance!! :-)

    I assume that the 25mm stuff os pretty rigid and will span a 2m length ok without sagging?

    What colour is best - opaque, clear or bronze? I thought clear would act like greenhouse and add some heat - or will it just create loads of condensation?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mode View Post
    I assume that the 25mm stuff os pretty rigid and will span a 2m length ok without sagging?
    That’s what I thought when I bought 35mm to span 2.5m, but it still sagged and required wooden support underneath. The first bit of snow and it would’ve been in the water.

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