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    Your thoughts please

    As you know my set up is new, water went in last Friday, Evolve 4000 filter running, basically a 2000 gallon pond, turning over this and more an hour, water is being treated with EA new start up gel into the bio to help protect the fish and get the bio started, water temp is typically still cold due to rubbish weather at 13 degree's still, I purchased 5 x 10 - 12" koi from world of water as fish to help with ammonia etc for the bio, I have tested the water every day and due to having small fish in a relatively large volume of water the daily results have been identical however last few days we have noticed them flash on the bottom drain and sometimes against the wall, we have never had any other fish in the pond, I have been back to WOW to discuss, I need to take a water sample in for them to check, they tell me there's are not flashing at all, there water temp is 18 to 20 degree's could it be that now they are in colder water a parasite they have been harbouring is now showing hence the flashing or is this not plausible, surprised that week old pond water is causing this already if the fish never brought the parasite with them? I am seeing the manager tomorrow so wonder what you think on the matter, thanks Steve.

    PH - 7.5 -
    KH - 3/4 - out of the tap and in the pond
    GH - 7 - out of the tap and in the pond
    NH3 - 0
    N02 - 0
    NO3 - 10 - out of the tap and in the pond
    PO4 - 2 - out of the tap and in the pond

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    Hi SMartin

    New fish in a new pond can be stressed and this can cause white spot - keep and eye on them and treat if it they start flashing

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