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    Mine had similar lumps in the first few months of it being in the pond and I was at 18C back in April / May 2017. They did eventually go and have not come back. Sure yours will be fine. Mine just needs to borrow some sumi from somewhere!!


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    Mine has these lumps at the moment and they started when the temps dropped so assumed it was carp pox not sure on the heated people thou :-/

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    Quote Originally Posted by familyman View Post
    Well I have to admit I was dreading catching my fish, but it went remarkably easy and quickly

    Attachment 21859
    here's how they were on the day at approximately 18-19 cm.
    My grow n show is the middle fish and the one to the right Is my other one.

    and today, this is my grow n show entry fish, approx 34 cm

    Attachment 21860

    Really poor growing season for this fish, but its looking healthy and its eating again now, and it might come good I don't know, it is starting to get some sumi come up at last.

    and my non grow n show fish I brought on the day, and now at 40 plus cm, maybe 42.
    So about 24 cm growth in 25 weeks, that's better than I was expecting.

    Attachment 21861 Attachment 21862

    Quite happy with this one, all things considered.


    p.s, whats everyone feeding? , mine have always had Dai Suki growth, with the occasional treat of brown bread, prawns, cheerios etc.

    follow up. ...in the first pic, the fish on the left was brought by Matt, i saw this fish today, hes unheated so its not as big as some but crikey , its really a great looking fish, great pattern, looks stunning, shame he didn't enter the grow n show, he just brought one on the day , i reckon hed have won.

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    Today I put the grow ons in the main pond and shut the QT down.
    Measured them again and took new pictures.
    Shiro 1: 15/4/17 was 21cm, now 20/1/18 is 44cm - 23cm growth.
    My little winner Shiro 2: 15/4/17 was 20cm, now 20/1/18 is 41cm - 21cm growth.
    Both have sumi coming back. Amazing the changes 9 months can make.

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    well done, theyre promising


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    love the second shiro. I think mine is going the other way......we'll see but may be another freebie on here next year!

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    Any ideas on another grow and show this year?

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    Are we a little late now to organise anything re collections from Japan?


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    I’m not sure lol not to clued up on the whole Japan thing yet, what about something from cuttlebrook?
    Hes got some good looking fish from what I have seen?

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    Extreme Koi Grow Show Omosako Rules Links

    They could have just changed the first two letters of this episode to "Sh" and that would cut to the chase. Sub-par, even for the standards of the Adam and Drew Show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KamSlile View Post
    They could have just changed the first two letters of this episode to "Sh" and that would cut to the chase. Sub-par, even for the standards of the Adam and Drew Show.
    Donít think Iím following where you are coming from here Kam?

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    Its always a work in progress

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    Any other grow and show coming up?

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    This one was organised by forum members and both are no longer keeping koi hence it would require another member or two with appetite to organise and arrange .....

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