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  1. auto feeder

    Good morning all,
    Any advice on either 'mark one' or 'fok' auto feeders would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Ben Affleck bonds with JLo's mom over love of gambling in Las Vegas

    *Ben Affleck is certainly getting in good with Jennifer Lopez's mom.The 48-year-old actor was seen bonding with Guadalupe Rodriguez, 75, over their shared love of gambling at the slot machines at the Wynn Las Vegas earlier this week.Affleck is currently directing an undisclosed project in Sin City as JLo's mom was also seen on set and apparently will make a surprise appearance in it.Scroll down for video*[img][/img] [img][/img] Aww: Ben Affleck*was seen bonding with Guadalupe Rodriguez, 75, over ...
  3. Sick koi

    I have a koi with a ulcer on its head and the medication Iím using doesnít seem to be helping any help or advice welcome
  4. Magpie attack

    Quote Originally Posted by peterbrunnen View Post
    I have an 8" Koi who has been attacked by a Magpie this evening. My vets are closed and I do have some Potassium Permanganate I can get hold of tomorrow. He seems a but stunned but is swimming ok and eating with the others. I'm hoping the piercing has missed his brain. The injury is above his left eye which looks alright at the moment. The pond water is in excellent condition and it very clear. As luck would have it I changed the filters yesterday and added Tetra Medifin to help any stress
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  5. Details of Animal Print Dresses

    Keep in mind that want the dress to be noticed, not your shoe. Prom dresses are offered in every color below the sun. Reading about which they are in vogue may not be the best way to make a choice from the selection of cute evening dresses that you have in front of you. Even though a dress ought to be chosen in accordance with your body form and structure, your age also plays a vital role within it. If you're bold, you can opt for a complete sequin dress in materials such as silk and organza. With ...
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