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  1. Day 3 on training skittish little ones

    Still yet to eat while I'm next to the pond but they are more active while I'm here rather than just hiding. Still lots of progress to be made but they are getting better slowly.
  2. Two ghost koi for sale in durham

    Quote Originally Posted by simon1 View Post

    I've two large mature Ghost Koi for sale. Not sure if any collector would be
    interested to aquire them? Both approx. 16 years old, both approx. 15-
    18 inches long. One Gold, one Black.

    Currently in outside pond in the garden. Both fish are very much still
    healthy, active and look good. No scale loss and disease free.
    Excellent condition.

    Iam closing my large pond due to ill health so looking for a new home
    for the
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  3. Pond with fish no longer wanted

    Hi all, can anyone help please? My garden has a pond with about 13 fish, a mixture of koi carp and goldfish. I no longer want the fish or pond, I don't want anything for them, and three of the carp are between 12 and 16 inches long. Would anyone want the lot, or advise how I can be relieved of them, I live in mid Bedfordshire. Thanks.
  4. My first pond build

    Hi all I'm soon moving to a new house we're I have plenty of room to build my dream pond, I'm going to build a raised wooden pond with a liner but also dig it a few feet deep as well, so I just have a few questions to get it all planned properly before I start,
    1- I'm going to concrete a base under the walls of the pond with reed bar going through the walls to keep them strong and secure but would I need to concrete the bottom of the pond? Or would it be ok if I dug it deeper the laid 6 inch ...
  5. Koi pond grey walls

    Does anybody know how to cure my problem?

    The problem is that my pond pump stopped working but my air pump was still going and i have a powerful UV lamp at 60watts. I fitted a new pump but the air pump has thrown all bits everywhere, I assume dead algae etc but now the water is very dirty and there is all grey furry looking stuff all in the sides.

    This smells anaerobic now. I do have a pond vac but I don't know if disturbing it like that is the right thing.
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