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    Water Hyacinth Returning?

    Just came across this article - Looks like there's some potential change afoot!



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    yep, we have some states here in the Colonies that also ban water hyacinth because it's supposedly invasive; I have a difficult time even over wintering here in Michigan in the basement under lights let alone what slim chance there is of it surviving 10F temps and 40" of snow. So I'm good here, for now, at least. Sheesh. Invasive? Sure, in warm areas but why they'd think hyacinth could possibly make it is beyond me. There's a few species I know of that have similar bans; parrot's feather being one here. I WISH it would make it over winter but the few times I've tried, it never comes back in the spring! So, glad to hear you're getting access (hopefully) again to water hyacinth.

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    Isn't it ridiculous that it was ever banned in the first place.

    We live in a country where it's easier to buy cannabis than water hyacinth, cocaine and heroin can be bought from kids on bikes but if you want amoxicillin or amikacin then you're looked at like you're scum.

    If anyone knows of anywhere that has water hyacinth or elodea crispa, please could you let me know?

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