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    Basic feeding plan

    Hello, I'm very new at this and have only used koi sticks before when the fish are showing interest. Can anyone advise if non-protein food is a advisable in cold season and what is a good quality make? And how much should I feed them. I found a chart online that says once a week - is this right until it gets warmer?

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    Feed when they are looking for it mate. As for food a lot of members are either feeding osw by coopands or if buying in bulk the price ain't much different to one of I feel the best foods which is the saki hikari balance

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    When what and how much is a devisive subject.
    There is no one answer.

    Pondsticks kg for kg are more expensive than most of the highest quality koi foods because they are mostly air

    What I feed and how much depends on water temp and activity.
    My pond is at 13C and hasn't dropped below 12C all winter
    So I'm happy to feed balance down to 11C and maybe a bit lower.
    But below that I would swap to a more digestible food, like multiseason.
    But lots do feed wheatgerm in winter because it is more digestible.



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