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Thread: Water Hyacinth

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    Water Hyacinth

    Has anyone seen any water hyacinth for sale this year?

    I wondered if we could legally buy it again now, since we see no longer in the EU?

    I believe it was banned due to being invasive in southern Spain.

    It seems ridiculous to continue to ban it in the UK, on the basis of it being invasive. I have tried and failed a couple of times to keep some alive over winter, so it can't be considered invasive.

    I know it's not a priority for the UK right now but it would be nice to see it available again.

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    I tried some in the pond a few years ago but the koi just ripped it to bits and eat most of it

    I never managed to keep it alive over the winter either. Tried a couple of times, but as it's from a much warmer climate than we get hear, as soon as the temperature drops too far below what we would class as warm it just dies off. I did think about bringing a small bunch it into the house but thought it might just take off again and didn't want to keep cutting it back.
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    Good call . . . wonder if the nursery/garden centres can get it again ??

    loved it floating on top . . always bought a few on my visits

    looking it up now
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