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    Lillies - do they actually need soil?

    I was thinking - I have two large lillies that are happy in 70cm of water in the old pond, the koi have excavated the pots but they seem happy without soil. The roots have broken through the baskets anyway. I was thinking - perhaps using a hanging basket and the plant at a depth of 70cm on one wall in the new pond. Total depth of the new pond would be about 1.75m

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    They definitely dont need soil but they do need nutrients from somewhere. If you have no soil they would normally get this from the fish waste and pond crud, which hopefully isnt there! Otherwise you would add fertilizer to the water, which of course you cant do. But presuming they dont rip the actual lilies apart cant hurt to try?

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    Place them in a Tesco home delivery basket with pea shingle, line the basket with Terram or similar. As your putting them in quite deep water I’d think about covering with a Terran and putting some off cuts of Indian Sandstone on the top of the shingle to stop the shingle being dug out.
    I don’t have the issue as I have them in a veg section the koi have no access to.

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    Mine are in Anoxic baskets growing really well.

    That's basically graded moler clay from here;


    And a small amount of aquabasis in the middle of the basket, from eBay.

    Planting in that medium hits 2 birds with one stone, and there's no soil or mess.

    You could put tights over the top of the basket with a hole for the lillies to grow through to avoid fish digging out the baskets.

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