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    Willow Moss and how to rmove it


    I have a problem with willow moss in my pond it keeps blocking the drains etc

    No blanket weed just the moss

    It was not put in by me but has got very prolific this year

    Anyone had this problem and how did you remove it


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    I got the same problem was advised to add salt.

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    Have you tried it Phil ?

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    Im just in the process of doing this 75kg of Salt for 8000 gals of aweek removed as much of the weed/plant as possible before adding ssalt in doses mixed with pond water before adding.
    doesnt seem to be re growing so far, and whats left seems to be going slightly brownish (hopefully dying).

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    Hi Phil
    I'm not to keen on adding salt just in case I need to medicate a any time , I'm not sure if any off the blanket weed killers will help remove it either

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    i have it to, nightmare this yr , will salt kill it ?

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    I think in order to get them to looking so compact is to choose the right mosses coupled with heavy trimming to encourage more lateral growth before allow them to grow upwards.

    Mosses like java moss can grow compact by trimming but I left mine to its own accord. Yet even after trimming they won't be as compact as some other mosses, so it really depends which ones you are working with.

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    I know this is an old thread, but did anyone find a way of killing this moss? It's a real problem.

    Many thanks

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    Not yet but I wish I could



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