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    Need to destock Dad's pond


    I'm wondering if all you experts here can help? I am in the unfortunate position of having to empty my Dad's P&J pond as we need to rent out the house to cover care home fees and it would seem that ponds are a no go for renting but a plus point for buying (so the pond structure will be kept in situ but the livestock has to go)

    He has mostly koi, alongside some golden orfe and regular gold fish, but I don't really know what sort of koi they are. I suspect most of them were bought from your average world of water type establishment, but they have reached a pretty good size, even if he didn't feed them for growth just for health. I'd attach pictures but the pond is rather murky, as my Mum over fed them, and the fish are hiding from me!

    I have a pond in my own garden so I can take some of the fish but I don't really know how many I can stock. The pond came with the house so I've no idea of the volume (the attached picture might help) the paving tiles are 18 inch and the max depth of the pond is at least 4ft. The set up seems to be a gravity return system with an Oase Aquamax eco classic 5500 filter pump leading to a Vorton 9000 UVC filter and into a box filter with 3 sponges and biological media. The fish that were in it originally have gradually been predated by the local heron (especially after the local landowner trimmed some trees) and have been reduced to 4 tiddlers. Over the last 2 weeks I have moved 5 of the fish and netted the pond.

    So really, after all this waffle. I have 2 questions,
    How many more fish will my set up cope with? and do you have any idea what I can do with the rest, I happy to give them away to a good home? The old pond is in North Hampshire if that helps..

    Thanks for reading and I really hope you can help!


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