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Thread: Pond-ering...

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    Hi everyone,
    I'm still in the planning phase, as my current garden is quite small.
    I had a koi pond for around 9 years at my last house, but that was 19 years ago...
    I've been looking at a lot of pond building threads on here that are a fantastic help.

    My missus was pretty adamant that i couldn't have a pond at this house, due to garden size... and the fact that at the time i had a 1000 litre reef tank/room
    But i've been out of the reef keeping game for a while now, but want a pond to dabble with again.

    I'd like a 12' x 8' x 4' pond but that is not going to be possible due the log cabin my missus wanted building a few years ago. (the leverage i'm using to have my pond again)
    but i'm trying to shoehorn a 10' x 6' x 4' into the space i have.

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    An extra foot or 2 added to the depth would make a big difference to the volume, might mean you can be tighter on the other dimentions.

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    Thanks Simon,
    i get where your coming from, as my last pond (a long time ago) was 6' deep.
    But filling it in before moving was a nightmare, so the missus is going to be very resistant to me digging anywhere near that depth again.
    the reason i managed to talk her into a pond this time, was digging only 1-2ft down over the slope of the lawn and building the rest up in blocks.

    i've been dragging a hosepipe around looking at maybe having an ovalish shaped pond instead of a formal rectangle.
    that way i can stretch the outer dimensions to 11' x 8'
    it would probably be pretty similar gallonage but the swimming space looks a whole lot better.



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