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    Quote Originally Posted by Trace View Post
    You've got it the wrong way round ... .

    If you want advice for a specific application PM me or start a new thread ...

    Thanks Trace.

    As it turns out, I wrote the post the wrong way round but actually sealed everything the right way round.

    MS for EPDM to EPDM and PU on everything else.

    Fortunately no leaks, although I do worry when the water drops 5mm on a hot day!

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    Revival lol

    Someone said why don't I start a business if the opportunity was there.

    So not one to shy away from any challenge I bought a lot of product from a reputable koi dealer at that time and sold it for a healthy profit. Now the scale says 60 days as that's how far it goes back but it's been a lot less and a healthy profit has been made. I just wanted to prove it can be done.

    How can one dealer sell it for one price and others charge the earth? The majority of what I sold was bought direct from my dealer at bargain money. He assures me he is happy and has made an honest living yet I have managed to sell all the product on at profit. He is also a small dealer buying less than the big boys!

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    Built not bought!

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    Good work mate Why are plastic bowls so expensive?

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