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Thread: koi emergency

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    koi emergency

    please help all my baby kois getting sick , every day 1 or 2 koi getting unwell acuut , water parameters are oki , u see them not able to swim anymore , or try to swim sidewarts . this is going on several months , there is no koi doctor available on this island ! what to do ?? im
    new here can ik post a video ?

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    We could better advise you if we knew what your actual parameters were. Could you post the actual figures for the parameters you've tested and say whether the readings are from a test kit or test strips?

    Also the video would be helpful.

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    Just post a link to a youtube video. Then we can copy and paste the link. But as Manky Sanke says, do post your actual test results too please and the type of test.

    If you could also mention the size of your pond and number of fish (with approximate sizes) that too would help people to help you.

    Also details of filtration and maintenance regime would be very useful

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    tnx , i do my water test with the tetra watertest . last test results n3+n4=0. ph =7.5.NO_2=0.3 NO-3=0. gh=2dh, kh 0-1 dh , 8000 liter pond with 20 small koi about 10-12 cm .diy filtration with coral rocks !

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    Nitrite isn't really ok at 0.3mg/l
    Low KH could be the cause of high nitrite.
    I don't know if that's the problem with your fish though.

    In theory, theory and practice are the same.
    In practice, they aren't.

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    As John says, your nitrite isn't ok. The maximum tolerable level for nitrite for koi is 0.2 mg/L and you're 50% above that so, in the short term, you should do some water changes to bring that down to well below 0.2 mg/L and, in the longer term improve your KH or your biological filtration so it stays much nearer to the optimum level of near-zero.

    That said, I don't think that level of nitrite is causing the sudden darting behaviour so the next thing you need to do is a scrape to look for parasites and identify which one(s) so that you can treat for anything you identify. If you don't know how to do that is there anyone you can call on to help you?

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    oki guys ,one of them died this morning , so i open his abdomen , what i saw the last part of the swimbladder was full of air , and what surprise me is that a the fish ( 11 months old was full of eggs !!! is that what they call dropsy ?

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    A still photo would be much easier to see than a glimpse of an image in a moving video!
    The swim bladder is supposed to contain air.
    Yes, there will be eggs in a fish of that age, and no, having eggs does not mean dropsy.
    It is much more likely that your fish died of a parasitic disease or a water quality problem. Scrapes would be the next step to find out.



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