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    Question on new drum setup


    Im planning on getting started on my new pond in the next few weeks and am just trying to get to a final decision on how it is setup before starting the build. It will be a raised sleep with 4 feet above ground and 2 feet below, 3m x 1.5m so about 8,100 litres.

    Box Weld Liner
    4" BD
    Gravity fed to a drum (actual drum TBC)
    Side skimmer

    My current pond (below ground) is a pump fed Eazypod Auto which im not planning to bring over to the new setup and hence my knowledge on all things gravity is new hence some questions.

    I am currently looking at the ProfiClear Premium Compact drum but not yet decided 100%. There are a couple of things I've yet to work out and wondered if anyone here could help.

    1. Based on my diagram here, can a mid return from the drum work on gravity alone or will it need pumping? I can see Oase offer a further pump/uv chamber

    2. Oase say the compact comes with 40 litres of Hel-X which is good for all the bio needed for up to 270g food a day and can be increased to 60 litres which is good for dealing with up to 408g food. I've read a lot of comments in forums where mention of wanting 100+ litres of media. Ideally I dont want to add another 800 cost for another 50 litres

    3. In terms of water usage, Im struggling to get a clear idea on this. I am on a meter so it is a consideration if excessive (1,000 litres of water is about 3.70 for me). The guy at my local Maidenhead Aquatics (which have them all in use on their shop setup) said each clean ejects 60 litres of water. That sounds total nonsense, If you did 15 cleans a day that would be 900 litres a day and 111 per month in water!?! Ive had a look around and cant really find anything that offers much information. I appreciate it depends how dirty the pond gets and other variable but must be some rough numbers somewhere on how many litres gets ejected per clean?

    4. Not included on the diagram but was also thinking of putting a surface skimmer into the drum as well

    Very much open to suggestions or advice from anyone as still at the point of making final decisions so welcome any suggestions for changes / improvements. Im keen to get this one right and not in 6 months be having to change things which is always harder afterwards.


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    Hi Rich
    I have the prem drum and don't think it could be more than a couple of ltrs a clean, what they are saying can't be right.
    Also I'm not convinced how good this is for the money.
    If I was you I would get a draco or simular and a bigger bio side.
    I'm not sure the helex will roll that well in that space, also does it have the ceramic air diffusers like mine? If so you are not far from me and the hard water and the bio film blocks them.
    I have just ripped mine out and put spindrifter diffusers in after about 6 months running, the compact hasn't the room to do this.
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    1 - No, you’ll need a pump after the drum whichever way you choose to return the water, it’ll need a pump to circulate otherwise I’d just sit motionless in the pond and the drum.

    2 - definitely don’t pay 800 for a chamber.

    3 - my drum probably uses around 1 litre to clean, take the water from the clean side of the drum and use fresh water to top the pond back up so it’s doing water changes with each clean, either by trickle in/out or with an auto top up - both need to run through a declorinator.

    4 - yes run the skimmer to the drum, put a valve on it so you can dictate how much water is going through the drum from the skimmer, you don’t want to be pulling it all from the skimmer and hardly non from the drain.

    Personally I’d say don’t bother with the Oase drum, for the money you could buy a drum just as good if not better AND a bigger bio chamber, which you’ll more than likely need anyway. Queni Koi drums, aqua source drums, Profi drums, would rather any of them over the Oase, I use the aqua source synergy 55 myself.

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