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Thread: Veggie filters

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    Veggie filters

    Thoughts please, Veggie filter or not. Are they more trouble than worth harbouring all sorts of snails and nasties. Currently running one just thinking is it time to ditch it. Your thoughts please many thanks in advance Dean.

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    Is it working and has it caused you any agg?

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    I added a top pond to my mums main pond a couple of years ago,it's after the filters so passes through the top pond and all its plants before returning into main pond via a spillway,I know it's generally thought that maybe they aren't a great idea in terms of harbouring nasties as you mention,but have to say been no problems with it so far and looks really good,plants are doing really well,if anything probably too well

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    I have a top pond with plants in baskets
    Water parameter wise. Its brilliant.
    I have to clean mine out twice a year. Which is easy enough.
    Biggest mistake I made was not putting
    A waste drain in the bottom. With a ball valve. All I would have done was open valve and a hose.
    To clean it out now. I use a pump. And
    Hose and Hoover. And for the last bit a bailer and bucket.
    Would I have a top pond on a new build again. two right I would. Like I said great for water parameters. And looks nice.
    Just modify it and put a waste drain in.

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