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    Skimmer for existing sleeper pond

    Recently purchased a floating skimmer which has improved the water clarity and surface debris but it only last 12-24 hours before it needs cleaning which is not working for me. I donít really fancy cutting into the sleepers to add a traditional skimmer box and thought the best solution would be a pump fed Oase AquaSkim but as my pond is 1.8m deep they only seem to go to .80?

    What are my options?

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    put a proper wall skimmer in,simple job to cut top sleeper to fit it and wont regret it,i have a widemouth in mine,,,,,,,andi

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    I've just fitted a new jbr skimmer into my pond loads more hassle than cutting into a sleeper pond so go for it :-)

    I had to cut the block work and fibreglass, it then wouldn't sit flat against the fibreglassed area (the render rolled out at the top) so had to then cut that away and the render and had a friend come and glass over for me. The stone work on top then had to be redone. But now much better than having somthing in the pond.

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