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    Under water returns

    I have a 1500 gal pond just putting a nexus 210 on, the pump I have is 8500 liter per hour, by the time it has gone through all the pip work and returning over the coping stone itís output is 6000 litres per hour. My pond is turning over at about just under once per hour at that rate. I would ideally like underwater returns approx 4 inches below water level, any ideas if this will reduce flow rate any further as I do not want to reduce the pull on the spindrifter bottom drain

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    most likely it could affect the flow rate , but not much .. I guess the water from the pond is making some pressure on the return

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    up your pump to a 12000 variable,thats what i ran my 200 on and returns were 12" below top,i turned mine down to about 10000 and nexus coped well,,,andi



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